Schoeman Coetzee Bursary 2025 Intake

Schoeman Coetzee Bursary 2025 Intake


The Schoeman Coetzee Bursary program presents a valuable chance for ambitious individuals aspiring to become accomplished chartered accountants. This program is committed to providing aspiring candidates with the necessary resources for success, blending part-time academic education with hands-on training at the Schoeman Coetzee office located in Tygervalley.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Schoeman Coetzee Bursary, applicants must meticulously meet the criteria below, ensuring they stand out as potential future leaders in the field of accounting:

  • Matric Excellence: Applicants must have successfully completed Matric, achieving a minimum of 70% (Level 6) in all subjects. This includes a strong performance in Mathematics (not Mathematical Literacy) and English, whether as a first or second language.
  • Academic Record: Candidates should demonstrate a robust and consistent academic record. The Schoeman Coetzee Bursary is aimed at individuals who have shown they can maintain high academic standards, which is crucial for a career in the meticulous field of accounting.
  • Extracurricular Leadership: Active involvement in extracurricular activities is essential. Applicants should show evidence of leadership, initiative, and a commitment to community service. Participation in clubs, sports, volunteer work, or other community engagements illustrates well-roundedness and a capacity for balanced lifestyle management.
  • Higher Education Pursuits: Applicants must be enrolled in a BCom Hons/CTA qualification on a part-time basis at a SAICA-accredited institution such as UNISA. This shows a commitment to furthering their education in line with the highest standards set by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.
  • Industry Passion: A genuine passion for the accounting and auditing sectors is critical. This can be demonstrated through personal statements, prior internships, related coursework, or participation in relevant workshops and seminars. The Schoeman Coetzee Bursary seeks individuals who are not only pursuing a career in accounting out of professional ambition but also from a passion for the field.
  • Ambition and Future Goals: The bursary program is particularly interested in individuals who display a clear sense of ambition and a detailed plan for their career progression. Applicants should be able to articulate their future goals within the accounting industry and how they plan to contribute to the sector.

Responsibilities of Schoeman Coetzee Bursary Recipients

Recipients of the Schoeman Coetzee Bursary are expected to meet certain responsibilities, which include:

  • Academic Excellence: Maintain high academic standards throughout the tenure of the bursary.
  • Active Participation: Engage in academic and extracurricular activities to foster personal and professional growth.
  • Community Contribution: Engage in mentoring and tutoring, supporting the community and fellow students.
  • Progress Reporting: Regularly update Schoeman Coetzee on academic and professional developments.

Benefits Offered by the Schoeman Coetzee Bursary

The Schoeman Coetzee Bursary provides substantial benefits to its recipients, which include:

  • A five-year contract as an article clerk.
  • Full financial support for both undergraduate (three-year BCom) and postgraduate (BCom Honours) studies.

How to Apply for the Schoeman Coetzee Bursary

To secure your place in the Schoeman Coetzee Bursary program, submit the following required documents by email to before the deadline:

  • Certified copy of your ID document.
  • Certified copies of your Grade 11 and Matric final results.
  • Certified copies of your parents’ or guardians’ ID documents.

Application Deadline: 30 June 2024

South Africa
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