Nedbank’s Enhanced Greenbacks Programme: More Rewards for Smart Money Choices

Nedbank clients enrolled in the innovative Greenbacks rewards program are in for even greater benefits as the program undergoes a refresh to deliver enhanced value. Greenbacks is now more adept at amplifying the rewards for smart financial choices, ensuring that everyday spending becomes even more gratifying.

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Dharmesh Bhana, Nedbank’s Executive for Loyalty and Rewards, describes the improved Greenbacks program as a pathway to financial relief, where every transaction becomes an opportunity to earn, save, and maximize the value of your money. ‘Our goal is to provide tangible value that can make a meaningful difference in each client’s life,’ he emphasizes.

One key way Greenbacks accomplishes this is by rewarding members for making smart financial decisions aligned with goals associated with the Structured Saver and Responsible Borrower packages. For instance, consistent saving and on-time repayment of Nedbank loans lead to higher Greenbacks earning levels. It’s a straightforward and rewarding process.

The program enhancements empower Greenbacks members to optimize their spending. Members can now earn up to an unlimited 2% cash back when using their Nedbank Greenbacks-linked Amex Card. Additionally, Greenbacks members enjoy a guaranteed 25c cash back per liter of fuel at bp, providing savings on daily commuting costs.

While retaining beloved features like 50% off movie tickets at Nu Metro cinemas and exclusive deals on the Greenbacks Exclusive store, the program now extends discounts of up to 30% on flights via Greenbacks Travel on Avo, and up to 10% off on Apple and Samsung devices.

An advantage of being a Nedbank Greenbacks member lies in the flexibility to convert Greenbacks into tangible value, redeemable in various ways. Members can withdraw cash from any Nedbank ATM, use the Greenbacks SHOP Card at Amex-accepting merchants, or even purchase prepaid airtime, data, or electricity. Greenbacks can also offset Nedbank banking fees or be donated to charities.

Moreover, Greenbacks can be utilized to grow investments or bolster emergency savings by redeeming them into Nedbank unit trusts or notice accounts through the Nedbank Money app. Nedbank sweetens the deal by increasing the value of Greenbacks when redeemed into qualifying investments.

Accessing these Greenbacks rewards is effortlessly seamless. If you’re a Nedbank client not yet enrolled in Greenbacks, simply log in to the Money app or Online Banking to join. Membership is free for existing Nedbank clients with specific account types, and non-clients can join by opening any Nedbank transactional account, kickstarting their Greenbacks accumulation immediately.

Bhana emphasizes, ‘Nedbank Greenbacks isn’t just about rewards; it’s about truly enriching lives, one transaction at a time. Every Greenback earned is a genuine opportunity to enrich, invest, and give back, effectively redefining what it means to be rewarded.’

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